The HSL zone renewal is taking place April 27th 2019, and we are securing a smooth transition for all our Whim subscribers by releasing the much-requested HSL 30-day ticket. The current Whim Urban plan will be discontinued starting from 27.4.19. We will make migration to the updated Urban plan – available soon! – as easy as possible.

Check if you’re eligible for the 30-day HSL ticket:

1. Your permanent address must be in one of the HSL municipalities: Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa, Kerava, Sipoo, Tuusula, Kirkkonummi, or Siuntio.

2. When purchasing the Whim Urban 30 plan, which includes the HSL 30-day ticket, you will need to authenticate – either with bank credentials or mobile certificate. This will also verify your city of residence.

3. To authenticate, you’ll need to log in with your HSL account. The purchase process will direct you to the HSL service automatically, where you’ll either need to log in to your existing HSL account or create a new one.

4. It is not possible to have an active season ticket on an HSL travel card or in the HSL app. If you do, simply use your existing ticket until it runs out, and then activate the 30-day ticket through Whim.

You cannot transfer existing time from a card or the HSL app to Whim.

If you have loaded an HSL travel card with value – as opposed to time – this will not prevent you from getting the 30-day ticket through Whim, and it won’t affect the value on your card.