Whim Urban 30 will replace current Whim Urban plan. Please update your current Whim Urban plan immediately as the current Whim Urban plan will stop working April 26th 2019.

No worries if you still have a days left in your plan, you can upgrade to the new Whim Urban 30 plan right away. The unused days from your old Whim Urban plan will be transferred over and you will only be charged for the difference between old and new price. This happens automatically at the final stage of the checkout.

You can of course decide which of the new HSL zones is best for you. If you wish, you can change the zone in the profile view after the HSL zone reform from 27.4. onwards. The new zone you select will take effect at the start of the next 30-day subscription period.

If on 27.4, you have been transferred to a zone subscription that has too much coverage (for example, your HSL regional ticket changed to ABC but you actually only need AB), the amount of unused travel dates will be credited to you as a Whim travel credit. The refund is not automatic, so please contact our customer service directly through the application (profile> customer service> contact). This is possible after the HSL zone change on 27.4 until the start of your next 30-day subscription period.

Steps to take to update to Whim Urban 30:
1. Update the latest version of Whim from the App Store or Google Play.
2. Start the upgrade process by clicking the banner in the Home view or through Profile view in the app.
3. Press and start the HSL authorization process*.
4. Give MaaS Global / Whim the authorization to handle things for you and log in or register to HSL account.
5. Confirm identification either with bank credentials or with the mobile certificate.
6. After the authentication process, you can finalize the purchase by choosing the area that you wish your ticket to cover
7. You’re ready to use your new plan. The 30-day HSL ticket will renew automatically with the renewal of your plan.

*Authentication with HSL account is needed so that HSL can verify your home municipality. This process only takes a few minutes.

Happy traveling with Whim Urban 30!