Terms & conditions of the campaign

These changes to the terms and conditions apply 20.3.2020 onwards. Terms and conditions were adjusted to comply with the earlier release of the city bikes due to the corona epidemic.

These campaign terms and conditions apply during Whim’s City bike pre-register campaign (“The Campaign”) period of 26.2.-29.3.2020.

Participants in the campaign undertake to comply with the campaign terms and pricing as well as Whim terms and conditions. MaaS Global has the right to exclude a participant from the campaign if they have acted in violation of any of the Campaign terms and conditions or Whim terms and conditions or otherwise unlawfully.


The campaign is organized by MaaS Global Oy, registered address at John Stenbergin ranta 2, 00530 Helsinki,

business-ID: 2685777-4.

Campaign pricing, terms and conditions

During the campaign period MaaS Global offers to all customers the City bike season 23.3.2020 – 31.10.2020 for €24,90 (city bike season available with this price until 30.6.), as well as €5 travel money to use in the Whim application for any travelling service. You get €5 travel money if you purchase city bikes season from the Whima app before 29.3.2020. The travel code will be sent to the email you entered on the campaign page or to the email you registered with to Whim app.

The €5 travel money is applied only once and you can utilize it for any service in the Whim application. For all our service packages you can find pricing information and terms and conditions at https://whimapp.com/plans/.

To use the €5 travel money, please insert the travel money code at the “redeem promo code” section. If you do not insert the code as per instructions, we cannot ensure that you get to utilise the discount.

The campaign is active in Finland during the campaign period of 26.2.-29.3.2020.

The value of the travel credit is €5 and it may not be exchanged for cash. The discount cannot be transferred to another Whim account.

Maas Global is constantly developing the service and negotiating with new service providers so the services that are available via offered packages might change.

The person participating in this campaign releases MaaS Global from all responsibilities regarding taking part in this campaign or receiving its price offer. In any case the responsibilities of MaaS Global do not exceed the campaign value for a participant.

MaaS Global reserves the right to update these terms also during the campaign period.