Enjoy a smart commute with Whim and ePassi.

Whim brings all your transportation options together in one app to provide the best possible commute. As a Finnish mobility service, Whim seamlessly combines all of the local options including public transport, city bikes, taxis, and vehicles. Due to many requests, we are piloting commuter benefit option with ePassi. The benefit for commuting covers public transport, but with Whim you gain access to all transport modes, and special rates, by easily adding payment cards to the app. Signup through ePassi before 15.1.2020 to begin using Whim this February. Just follow the simple steps below.

Whim Urban 30 ePassi pricing:

  • HSL AB, BC and D zones, 59,70€ /30d,
  • HSL CD zone 77,60€ /30d,
  • HSL ABC, and BCD zones, 96,70 € /30d,
  • HSL ABCD zone 139,70€ /30d.

With ePassi you can pay only for the full price of the service e.g. 59,70€ (HSL AB zone subscription)

When the benefit period is over Whim will automatically switch to a monthly subscription. This subscription will be billed, to the payment card in the app, at the currently monthly rates.

Read more about Whim Urban 30 plan

1. Go to the ePassi app, select Whim and pay with ePassi before 15.1.2020.

2. Install the Whim App and remember to add valid payment details.

Use the same phone number and email that you have used for ePassi.

3. Your Whim profile will have coupon(s) on February 3rd 2020.

Coupon is applied automatically when you subscribe starting from 3.2.2020. All subscriptions must be used before the end of 2020.

You cannot use ePassi to pay for Whim after 15.1.2020 so act fast!

4. You’re all set!

Your order will be processed on February 3rd, after which you can use your paid Whim subscriptions.

Please note that the subscription cannot be paused during the ePassi commuter benefit period and will automatically renew when your ePassi commuter benefit ends unless you cancel before the renewal date.

What is Whim?