Victoria Devecsai, Head of Marketing

By MaaS Global • January 14, 2022

MaaS Global’s small but mighty marketing team is headed by Victoria Devecsai, who just happens to be located hundreds of kilometres away from the other team members. Located in Vienna, like so many of us she keeps in touch with her team in Finland and Spain online.

“That’s what I like about MaaS Global; we really are global and not bound to just one location. A lot of us are spread across the globe in different countries and everything still works well.”

Because of the travel restrictions caused by Covid-19, Victoria was not able to come to Finland to meet her team until six months after she started as Marketing Manager, but the company offered her the possibility to work from a co-working space when restrictions allowed.

“There’s a community there, a canteen, a routine. And everything worked great because I was not the only one who was working remotely. Even now, two years after all of this started, there’s never a meeting with most people in one room. Working remotely is made very flexible at MaaS Global.”

Big part of ensuring the everyday routines work is the team, and Victoria praises the spirit her team has.

“Everyone has their own skills and expertise, and we work together well. If somebody needs anything, we help each other. I have a lot of fun every day, even if we’re not in the same room. Everyone works together for our common goal.”

When Victoria applied for the position of Marketing Manager at MaaS Global in the early autumn of 2020, the main task in the job description was to launch Whim in Switzerland and to set the campaign for the launch.

“I found the ad on LinkedIn. I was looking for a new opportunity, and the job sounded very interesting and promising from the start. I knew immediately I had to apply.”

The application process took a while, and Victoria went through a lot of interviews, but in February 2021 she started as the new Marketing Manager for Austria and Switzerland. Less than a year later in December 2021, she was made Head of Marketing.

“I really appreciate the trust that is given to me. I have felt at home at MaaS Global from the very beginning – whether in Vienna, Helsinki or Madrid – so I am really happy about this opportunity and look forward to everything that is yet to come.”

Victoria did her Master’s thesis on communication factors in the sharing economy, and appreciates the ambitious yet essential mission MaaS Global has. At MaaS Global, she says she can truly realise her passion towards sharing economy communication. 

Sustainability as well as MaaS Global’s other values are important in Victoria’s personal life too.

“I wouldn’t work for a company that doesn’t share my values. I do my best to make this world a better, livable place for future generations and expect the same from the company I work for. We need fewer cars and parking lots and more parks.”

Victoria’s other passions include reading, yoga and true crime podcasts as well as travelling, which has been unfortunately disrupted by the pandemic. But it made her find a new hobby.

“I picked up biking last year, and have found some really great new routes to explore.”