Luyi Ma, Senior UX Designer

By MaaS Global • January 14, 2022

Luyi Ma joined MaaS Global as UX Designer at a very weird time, in the middle of Covid-19.

“Joining in the middle of a pandemic may be risky, but everyone was very upfront with me and because the company and the product interested me so much, I wanted to take the chance.”

What instantly drew her to MaaS Global were the values that match hers and the possibilities mobility-as-a-service company brings.

“Sustainability is very important to me. I don’t own a car, never have.”

Luyi first came to Finland after she did her Bachelor’s degree in China on product design and discovered Scandinavian design. She came to Finland in 2012 and moved about a bit for work and for her studies before settling in Helsinki where she studied visual communication in Aalto University.

“Designing for people is my passion. In my previous job I was in the video communication domain, but I found it was time to move to another one. Communication field already has quite a few players, but mobility is still very new. I wanted to tap into a fresh area and learn new things.”

Indeed, in mobility Luyi found a field where she could combine her passion for designing for real people with something that is significant to everyone.

“Mobility is a huge part of our daily behaviour, and it’s very interesting to discover how we can impact it and make it better. From a digital infrastructure point of view, we also live in a very interesting time. Technology affects so much of how we live and travel. We have small tangible things like catching a bus, but we can also think about big topics like the future of mobility in smart cities.”

At MaaS Global’s UX branch, Luyi works on two different kinds of projects.

“One is a user research based project where we first work to discover what the user wants and needs, and then make the UI meet these needs as well as ensure it is functional. Another is a more integrational project, where we already have a UX flow but we have a new provider we need to integrate into our system, such as an e-scooter provider. These projects can be challenging because you need to answer the users’ needs, but also be aware of the technical constraints and the providers’ requirements.”

Luyi’s job is her passion and she shares MaaS Global’s values, such as sustainability, which shows in her daily life.

“I do a lot of cycling, long-distance and shorter. I also do a lot of gardening and composting. It’s nice that I can combine my hobby with my work and bring sustainability into both.”