James Nguyen, Software Architect

By MaaS Global • January 14, 2022

James Nguyen has been with MaaS Global from the start. Hired in 2016 as a front-end developer, he’s seen the many changes that have taken place inside the company and outside in the mobility industry as a whole.

“I was studying IT in Metropolia and looking for a full-time position. I saw an ad online, had a chat with the CTO, and was hired almost on the spot.”

At first James’ task was website development, but in a short time he was learning backend development and now he does a variety of things from software development to feature planning.

“I do all kinds of stuff. I really like the flexibility this job allows me and that I can take a lead on certain things. And I appreciate being allowed to learn on the job. I learn best by doing.”

And there’s always a chance to have a bit of fun and mess about with the colleagues. The pandemic has changed everyone’s working routines dramatically and because of recommendations to work remotely, connection building hasn’t felt the same.

“My colleagues are the best part of the job. It’s not nice not being able to see them face-to-face.”

But the pandemic doesn’t last forever, and we’ll all have the possibility to be working under the same roof soon enough. Meanwhile, we’ll continue to expand our knowledge and come up with new solutions.

“This job is a great opportunity to learn and to contribute what I know to others. And I get to learn new things all the time.”