The popular city bike season is starting in April for Helsinki and in May for Espoo. The Whim app lets you to use the familiar city bikes in addition to the current travel options such as the 10-euro taxis, car rental, and public transport tickets – for the same flat 49 Euro monthly price.

The Whim app shows the nearest city bike stations and the number of free bikes at them on the map. You can download the app easily from the App Store or Google Play.

The city bikes will be included in the Whim monthly packages without extra charge when the bike season starts. Whim Urban and Whim Unlimited users can use the city bikes for 30 minutes or less trips throughout the whole bike season. The bikes can also be used through Whim without a monthly package, using the regular HSL pricing.

”We are really excited about this chance to include a new, eco-friendly and much-asked travel option into our Whim service for the same 49 euro monthly price as before. The city bikes will often help our customers with the last kilometre of their journey, and with our real-time map service, traveling by combining different travel options will be even easier in the future,” says MaaS Global’s Area Manager Jarkko Jaakkola.

The city bike season starts in Helsinki on April 3, when part of the city centre bike stations will be opened. Rest of the stations will open according to the weather conditions. The available bike stations will show up on Whim map from the moment they’re opened. In Espoo, the bikes will come available in phases, starting from May 2.

“The city bikes are this year’s first new travel method for our customers. We will be adding more options for Whim users during this year,” Jaakkola says.

The new map data service that assists with the bike availability will be taken into use also in Birmingham and Antwerpen, where city bikes are right in the heart of urban mobility, being an essential part of the whole Whim service.

”Our unique way of combining city bike rental with other transport options and showing the nearest city bikes on the map represents our company’s mobility as a service thinking at its best,” Jaakkola states.

There are a total of 2550 city bikes available in the Helsinki capitol area, and they can be found at 150 bike stations in Helsinki and 105 bike stations in Espoo. The Whim mobile app works in the whole city bike area, and it can be downloaded to your phone from the App Store or Google Play.

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