Sampo Hietanen, CEO of MaaS Global, which is known for the Whim mobility app, has received the Order of the White Rose of Finland, as awarded by President Sauli Niinistö. The recognition is for outstanding social merit.

“I gratefully receive this badge of honor, which means a tremendous deal to me as well as to all of MaaS Global. I would also like to give recognition to our partners, who have supported our growth and contributed to a cause we believe in,” says Sampo Hietanen.

The Order of the Finnish White Rose, awarded to Hietanen by the Commander of the Order on Independence Day, is bestowed for outstanding personal merit and for the individual’s contribution in his or her professional capacity or social function.

Hietanen was nominated by the Intelligent Transport Network ITS Finland, which promotes expertise and competitiveness in the transport industry in Finland. In the proposal, ITS wrote that Hietanen has played a key role in the modernisation of the transport sector, both in Finland and globally, through his proactive and innovative work. Under the guidance of Hietanen, MaaS Global has made Mobility as a Service a global phenomenon, offering alternatives to traditional, private car-based mobility.

“By his own example, Hietanen has paved the way for other companies in the transport industry, and his work has attracted international investors to work with Finnish companies with transport expertise,” says Marko Forsblom, CEO of ITS Finland.

Founded by Hietanen, MaaS Global Oy employs over 100 people in Finland and operates in several countries. MaaS Global’s Whim application has been awarded, among other things, the International Good Design Award, the Future Unicorn Award, and honorable mentions from the Finnish Quality Association and Sitra’s award for Sustainable Economy.