What can you expect?

Come and co-create MaaS mobility solutions with the company behind Whim, the world’s first global MaaS application.

  • Leverage the world’ leading Mobility as a Service operator and be there to build a new breed of digital services that will help businesses reduce emissions, attract employees and save money. 
  • Join a network of innovators, share information and be in the know.

These are ambitious aims, but together we can disrupt the stagnated mobility market of today and build the new future that must be built.

It all starts with sharing. Please tell the network what’s happening with MaaS in your vicinity, where the market is moving, what opportunities are for grabs and what challenges we can expect around the corner.

To facilitate this information sharing, Maas Global is inviting selected companies to participate in a series of information exchange workshops in 2020. If you and your company would like to participate, please leave your details here.

  • Additionally, what you would like to get out of the workshop.