Buying your NMBS ticket has never been easier

Travel carefree throughout Belgium with Whim. Conveniently buy your NMBS/SNCB train ticket of choice in the Whim app. Standard Ticket, Weekend Ticket, Youth Ticket (Go Pass 1) and Senior Ticket are available in Whim.

How do I buy my NMBS/SNCB train ticket with Whim?

  1. Click on ‘Where to’ in the Whim home screen. This will take you to the Journey Planner.
  2. Type your destination in the Journey Planner. You can also change your departure location, choose from different locations on the map and change your departure times.
  3. Whim will then show you different travel options. You can find out more about a specific option by selecting one. Choose the option that suits you best and book your journey. 
  4. The first time you buy a ticket you will be asked for your age. 
  5. Whim offers standard second class tickets. If you want a different ticket, just click on that type of ticket.
  6. You can find your active tickets on the home screen under the heading ‘Active Tickets’. Click on your ticket to show the QR code to the train conductor.

Available NMBS/SNCB train tickets in the Whim app

Standard Ticket
  • The most flexible formula
  • Standard price, anywhere in Belgium, whenever you want
  • Between € 2,50 and € 21,50 per journey, depending on the distance
Weekend Ticket
  • Back and forth in the same weekend
  • From Friday 7 p.m. until Sunday evening (extended validity around some public holidays)
  • 50% discount
  • 1st or 2nd class
Youth Ticket (Go Pass 1)
  • Up to the age of 25 you can travel for only € 6.60 per single journey in 2nd class on a route of your choice throughout Belgium
  • The Brussels Airport Supplement gets added automatically to your price if you depart from or travel to Brussels Airport – Zaventem station
Senior Ticket
  • Travelers aged 65 or older pay only € 7.20 for a return journey in 2nd class to any destination throughout Belgium
  • Return on the same day
  • On weekdays from 9:00 am and any time during weekend days
  • € 15.30 for 1st class comfort

Find more information about travelling with NMBS/SNCB trains via Whim.