Book and pay a DTM taxi or Antwerp Tax with Whim

For when the weather is bad or you want to get home quickly after a night out. Via Whim you can easily order a taxi from DTM or Antwerp Tax and pay a price equal to the taxi meter price.

Why use Whim to book a taxi from DTM or Antwerp Tax?

  • Besides all the other things Whim has to offer, in some cases a taxi from DTM or Antwerp Tax can be the best option. For example, after a night out or when the weather is bad.
  • With Whim you can book a taxi in the Antwerp region without having to ask about prices for a ride. 
  • After you have set your point of departure and destination, Whim automatically gets offers from our partners for you to choose from.

Whim is like a taxi meter in your phoneWhim is als een taximeter in je telefoon

With Whim you are always shown all options as well as prices in advance. Because the payment for your ride is made with the app, you’ll know in advance what the ride is going to cost approximately. No unpleasant surprises.

How to book a taxi from DTM or Antwerp Tax in Whim?

  1. You can order a taxi by tapping the Taxi button on the Whim home view or selecting the taxi option from the route planner.
  2. Make sure that the pick-up address is entered correctly in Whim.
  3. Select the taxi company of your choice (DTM or Antwerp Tax).
  4. Once an available taxi accepts the ride, Whim will provide you with the taxi’s number and estimated arrival time.
  5. Once you have arrived at your destination, you can get out of the taxi immediately, as you have already paid for your ride in Whim!


  • Antwerp Tax (meter price)
  • DTM (meter price)

Find more information about using taxis in Whim here.