Rent Poppy shared cars in Whim

Use Poppy shared cars with Whim in the cities of Antwerp, Brussels, and Mechelen

Poppy has more than 600 cars spread between Antwerp, Mechelen, and Brussels. They offer both, automatic and manual cars: VW Polo, Seat Ibiza, Opel Corsa, Seat Mii, and Skoda e-Citigo.

You can book a shared car from Poppy directly in Whim, by selecting the Shared cars option from the home view. Once you’ve selected a car, you’ll see the car details (car range, model, automatic/manual, car image, license plate) before making the booking. 

As it is a free-floating service, you don’t have to return the car back to its original place and can park for free anywhere in public parking. Just make sure you are inside the Poppy operational zone!

Intercity bookings are allowed (e.g. your booking can start in Antwerp and end in Mechelen or Brussels), but are not recommended with electric cars.

How it works:

  • Book a car in the Whim app: click here to go to the home screen and select the Shared car icon to find the available vehicles on the map. Have your driving license available to verify your license.
  • Go to the car when your rental is about to begin. On the Whim map, you can see the car’s location.
  • Once you are at the car, open the booking in the app and follow the instructions.
    • Inspect and photograph the car before driving.
    • Open the doors through the app. No keys are needed.
    • To start the car, hold down the brake and press the start/stop button.
  •  Leave the car in a valid parking space inside the Poppy zone and end your trip by clicking “End booking” in the app

Find more information about using Poppy’s shared cars in Whim. Or check out Poppy’s website.

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