Rent a Hertz or Sixt car with the Whim app

If you only need a car once in a while – for example a visit outside the city, shopping or a weekend trip – you can easily book a comfortable rental car from Sixt and Hertz with Whim. The price depends on the type of car.

Why rent a car with Whim?

  • Sometimes you might need to use a car because of the amount of luggage, the length of your journey or some other reason. However, if you are not in constant need of a car, it might not be financially the most attractive option to get a car of your own. If you’re unlucky, you might have to pay a lot more due to insurance and maintenance costs.
  • The Whim app collects multiple different modes of transport into a single application, without any additional expenses for the users.
  • Rent a car conveniently through the same app with no need to trawl endlessly through car rental sites. 
  • Our app works internationally and we are constantly expanding to new cities, so you can continue using Whim also when travelling.

How to rent a car from Sixt or Hertz with Whim?

  1. To book a car, tap “Rental Cars” in the Home View.
  2. The Car Rental View will open up where you can edit your rental car location and select your pick-up and drop-off dates.
  3. Whim will show you all available cars by rental office location
  4. Once you have chosen a car that suits you, proceed to “Reserve this car” and confirm the payment to reserve your car.

Find more information about renting cars in Whim here.