Float through the streets of Antwerp with Poppy e-steps

Experience the city in a unique way on an e-step from Poppy! Pay the standard price for your rides.

Find, book, pay and combine, in one app

Book your e-step from Poppy conveniently in Whim. In the same app, you can also buy your De Lijn bus and tram tickets as well as NMBS/SNCB train tickets, book a taxi from DTM or Antwerp Tax, rent shared bicycles from Velo and Mobit as well as rental cars from Hertz and Sixt.

Try it out with 5€ free credit!

Why not take advantage of the ongoing De Lijn m-card10 campaign, where you get a €5 bonus after your first purchase of a De Lijn m-card10? This makes it really irresistible to try out Poppy’s e-steps and get to know everything else Whim has to offer!

How to book a Poppy e-step with Whim

  1. The e-step icon in the app opens the screen where you can find the available vehicles and their locations.
  2. Unlock the e-step by selecting one on the map.
  3. As soon as the e-step is unlocked, the lights and display will turn on.
  4. Have a nice ride! 

During your ride

  • Kick at least 3 times with one foot so that the e-step starts rolling and then press the “Go” lever on the right side of the handlebar. 
  • Use the brake levers carefully. The left handle operates the rear brake and the right one the front brake.
  • You can use the cycle track to ride on. If there is no cycle path, you can ride on the right side of the public road. You can also ride on the pavement, but only at 6 km/h.

Ending your ride

  • Make sure you are within the operational area. If you are not sure, check the map in Whim.
  • Make sure you are not in a “no parking zone”. These are the red areas on the map.
  • Park your e-scooter on the pavement, as close as possible to the façade and parallel to it.
  • Once you have found a suitable parking space for the e-scooter, open Whim and swipe to “End ride”.
  • The price of the ride and the activation fee will be charged. You can view the details of your ride in Whim.

Poppy Tariffs

  • €1 opening fee + €0,25/min

Poppy cars and e-scooters soon available in Whim

Whim and Poppy are working hard to expand their partnership and make Poppy’s cars and e-scooters available via Whim. More about this later this year!

Find more information about using Poppy’s e-steps in Whim.