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Hassle-free with pay-as-you-go. Just the right thing if you want to choose your means of transport on a whim. Choose between busses, bikes, e-steps and many more!

Our integrated and convenient route planner tells you the best way to get from A to B. Then you can book and pay for your ticket directly – without leaving the app.

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With Whim, you’ll experience the future of mobility: our variety of mobility partners offer you a true alternative to private cars. All you need is Whim! Create your profile now for free in four easy steps.

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    Download the Whim app for free from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

  • Create your account

    Register with your phone number, email address and a few basic details for the best user experience.

    • Add your credit card

      In order to book a trip, you need to add a valid credit card in your profile. 

    • Experience Whim

      You’re all set and ready to plan and book your first trip. With Whim you experience mobility reimagined.

      Discover our variety of transport modes

      Use the train to travel across Belgium

      Also available in Belgium are pay-as-you go NMBS train tickets. With these tickets you can effortlessly travel across all of Belgium.

      Select your destination through the route planner, buy your tickets and you enjoy your commute or trip without any worries.

      Standard, Weekend, Youth and Senior tickets are available via Whim!

      Shared bikes

      (Re)discover the city on the bike with Velo and Mobit. Use the map in Whim to locate available bikes. Simply activate your day pass for €5 and release the bike using your user ID and code at the Velo station.

      Mobit bikes can be activated by scanning the QR-code on the bike or unlocking via Whim app. Mobit bikes are available in Antwerp, Mechelen, Kortrijk, Hasselt, Genk, Aalst, Brasschaat, De Schorre, Veurne, Koksijde and De Panne.

      De Lijn trams & busses

      Whim makes it easy to travel and commute through Flanders using bus & tram.

      Purchasing a m-ticket directly via the app is cheaper than purchasing it through a text message and just as easy.


      When you don’t feel like using bikes or public transport, you can easily book a taxi with DTM or Antwerp Tax through the Whim app.

      Perfect for when it’s raining outside or you want to get home safely after a night out. Or both! The Whim app will always show a price estimate of the trip up front.

      Rental cars

      If you only occasionally need a car of your own – the odd visit to a relative out of town or a shopping centre – Whim offers the simplest way of renting one at Sixt and Hertz throughout Belgium and The Netherlands

      Using the app, you can hire a car (a Ford Fiesta or equivalent, subject to availability) with no need to trawl endlessly through car rental sites.


      Use e-scooters from Lime and Poppy in the cities of Antwerp or Brussels.

      The most convenient way to hit the city streets or ride the last leg of your journey is on an e-step – obviously ‘on a Whim!’ Find, book, pay and ride your e-scooter simply in the Whim app. As a Whim customer, you only pay standard pricing for your e-scooter-rides.

      Shared cars

      Poppy carshare is now available in Whim!

      You can book a shared car from Poppy directly in Whim, by selecting the Shared cars option from the home view. Once you’ve selected a car, you’ll see the car details (car range, model, automatic/manual, car image, license plate) before making the booking. 

      What is Whim?

      Whim is an award-winning mobility app that makes moving around easy and sustainable. With Whim, you can find various transport modes and plan, book and pay for your trips directly in the same app. Say goodbye to multiple apps, cards and cash! More than 20 million trips have already been made with Whim – join us!