Lime e-scooters now available in Whim!

We are happy and excited to present the latest addition to Whim: Lime e-scooters are available in Antwerp. Now you have even more options for moving around in the city with Whim. Read more about using Lime e-scooters.

To enjoy Lime in Whim, please follow these steps:

Go ahead and try this newest Whim feature. Explore the city and enjoy the summer with Lime!

Whim: One single app for all your mobility needs

Besides using Lime e-scooters, with Whim you can also book Poppy e-scooters, buy your De Lijn bus and tram tickets and NMBS/SNCB train tickets, book a taxi from DTM, or Antwerp Tax, book Poppy shared cars and rent city bikes from Velo and rental cars from Hertz and Sixt. So in total Whim gives you access to 9 mobility providers with just one app!