Employee Mobility Vouchers

Give your employees sustainable mobility

Offer your employees an easy, sustainable and versatile way to move around in Antwerp and the Flanders region. Whim combines public transport from De Lijn or NMBS, electric scooters and shared cars from Poppy, taxis from DTM or Antwerp Tax, bicycles from Velo Antwerp, or rental cars from Hertz and Sixt. With Whim, you only need one app to plan your route and pay for your trips.

Mobility credit worth €65 for only €40

Benefit from this exclusive offer and buy mobility credit worth €65 for only €40 directly on our webshop:

Whim makes mobility easy and sustainable

Whim is an award-winning mobility app with the goal of making mobility smoother, everyday life easier, and our cities greener. With Whim you have access to different transport services in one app: public transport, taxis, e-steps, shared bikes, cars, and other options. You can plan, book, and pay for your trip without having to switch apps. And all this without additional costs.

Reduce your company’s carbon footprint by offering your employees a flexible and versatile alternative to mobility. By using Whim, your employees can choose the best mobility option per trip. As a result, they won’t always travel by car, and frequently choose CO2-neutral alternatives instead.

The advantages

  • Focus on sustainable mobility options: Better for people, cities, and the environment
  • A valuable gift for your employees
  • An economical way to reduce your employees’ travel costs. Your employees can travel for €65, while thanks to a clever combination of different subsidies it will cost you only €40 gross
  • By using shared mobility, your employee will report less parking and other costs associated with using their own car
  • Complete freedom of choice: thanks to the range of different modes of transport, every employee can travel as he or she wishes

How it works

  1. Purchase one Whim Mobility voucher per employee on our webshop. You pay €40 gross and your employees receive €65 in a flexible mobility budget for the Whim app.
  2. Share the voucher codes with your employees via email.

  1. Download Whim in Google Play Store or Apple App Store
  2. Complete registration by filling in your profile
  3. Add a valid credit card (we only need this as a backup – you won’t be charged as long as you have valid travel credit from your employer)
  4. Add the voucher code worth €65 provided by your employer
  5. You’re ready to use Whim. Enjoy!

Whim App_Gift2Give Mobiliteitsvouchers voor werknemers

More questions?

Please see the FAQs below or contact us directly:

Questions about your order or the redemptions of the mobility vouchers: 
Please get in contact with our Help Center or send an email to info@whimapp.com.

For inquiries about partnering with Whim, or to learn more about using Whim for the sustainable transport needs of your company, please contact
Eelco van Wijk
Sales Director, MaaS Global

*Supported by Smart ways to Antwerp:

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobility vouchers are digital discount vouchers worth € 65 with which the user can fully or partially pay for his/her tickets in the Whim mobile application.

Step 1: Go to the website and then click on ‘Buy mobility vouchers’.

Step 2: Choose the desired package and number of vouchers.

Step 3: Choose payment method and invoice (optional).

Receive the voucher (s) on your screen and by e-mail. You can either forward the vouchers by e-mail to a beneficiary and / or you can print them out. If you scan the QR code, you can use them in the Whim app.

After your purchase, you can activate the voucher by clicking on it and entering the beneficiary’s e-mail address.

Click on the voucher or, at the bottom of the e-mail, select ‘Open whim app’:

The Whim app opens automatically after pressing the voucher or scanning the QR code. However, the code still needs to be manually entered or copied and pasted in the Whim app: go to profile (top left in homescreen) and then choose ‘Add Travel Credit’.

If a problem occurs with the redemption of the mobility voucher in the Whim app, you can contact us here. Please include the voucher number, a picture/screenshot of the voucher, and a short description of the problem.

The due date is printed on the digital voucher. You can scan the voucher with your smartphone’s camera to check the validity.

No. The mobility voucher represents a Whim credit of €65, which is used every time you take a trip with Whim. And this until the credit has been used up.

No. Mobility vouchers are not registered by name. The voucher uses the principle ‘to bearer’: if the voucher is valid (active), a transaction can take place.

No, if you have received your order by e-mail, the vouchers are ready for use in the Whim app.

You can submit complaints or suggestions about our services in the Whim Helpcenter. You will receive a response from Whim within 5 business days. We will of course do our best to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction.

If you notice – after the payment of your mobility vouchers – that certain data is incorrect, please let us know as soon as possible using the Helpcenter.

The buyer always has the final responsibility regarding the data they supply to Whim and Gift2Give. Whim and Gift2Give will not share the data with any other party under any circumstances unless enforced by judicial order.

Whim and Gift2Give can not be held liable for sending an order to an incorrect e-mail address.

Currently, it is possible to perform payments via Bancontact, iDeal, KBC / CBC payment button, and Belfius payment button. If you have a bank card issued by a non-Belgian or Dutch bank, it is (currently) not yet possible to place orders via the webshop. If this is the case, please send us your questions via the Whim Helpcenter. You will then receive an order form from us. After confirming your order, you will get an invoice with a bank account to effectuate the payment. Only upon receipt of the funds by Whim, your order will be made ready and sent by e-mail.

After having read and processed various sources, it is possible to conclude that in Belgium there is no clear regulation about mobility vouchers. This means that the employer or buyer who purchases mobility vouchers agrees with the general terms and conditions of the publisher of the vouchers.

The publisher doesn’t have an obligation to redeem any vouchers after the expiration date. This is and remains the interpretation of the publisher and is clearly explained in his general terms and conditions. However, there has to be a clear method to at any time check how long and where the vouchers are valid, even when this is explicitly printed on the (digital) voucher itself.
The conclusion can therefore be drawn that mobility vouchers have some unwritten rules, which are freely interpretable in the field of:

  • Expiration date: must be mentioned/ be a reasonable period of time;
  • Refund obligation of vouchers: Mobility provider has no legal obligation to do so;
  • Redemption after expiry date: Publisher has no legal obligation to do so;
  • Neither Whim nor Gift2Give has a legal obligation to ever give a monetary refund for the digital vouchers.

FOD Finance ensures that an invoice is not required or useful when purchasing mobility vouchers because VAT is only due and payable in collection, or in other words when the user has received the delivered goods/services. It is the mobility provider, who accepts the voucher as a means of payment, which afterward logically (as with all purchases) carries a VAT of 21% or 6%. If and when an invoice should still be issued, in addition to the number of mobility vouchers, “actions outside the scope of VAT” should be mentioned there, so that the invoice itself also has no meaning since there is no recuperation of VAT to be recovered by the buyer because he has no right to deduct this.

Whim has partnered with the Belgian company Gift2Give for the implementation of this special mobility voucher program. Thanks to gift2give, employers can easily use attractive subsidy schemes from the Belgian government and the city of Antwerp. Read more about Gift2Give.

Yes. You can purchase an unlimited number of mobility vouchers per employee, and enjoy the € 25 discount on every voucher.

The employee needs to register a payment method to use the Whim service. The payment methods that are currently available in Whim include personal credit cards, company credit cards, and Apple Pay. A single credit card can be connected to multiple Whim accounts. Apple Pay can be used with bank debit cards or credit cards as a funding method.

The mobility voucher can be redeemed until 31 December 2022. After redeeming the voucher in Whim, the travel credit must be used within 12 months.
For example, if you redeem the code on March 21, 2022, you can use the travel credit until March 21, 2023. After that, unused travel credit expires.