Bundle of ten m-tickets for the price of less than seven!

No matter whether you are traveling only once per month or a couple of times per week by bus or tram, the one-year valid m-card10 will be a convenient and cheap option for you!

With just a few clicks you have ten De Lijn m-tickets conveniently available in the Whim app and you can activate them at any time for yourself and your traveling companions.

Make sure you have updated Whim to the latest version in order to get the best experience:

Discover what else Whim has to offer!

Because Whim is much more than buses and trams, why not hop on a Poppy electric step from the bus stop? Or a Velo city bike to get to your final destination. Maybe you spontaneously decide to make the whole journey by e-step or bike because the weather is so nice. In other cases, a taxi from DTM or Antwerp Tax can offer a solution. The route planner which can also be found in Whim will help you on your way.