Travel smarter with Whim

Train, bus, taxis, car rental, shared bikes, e-steps, shared cars all in one app.

How it works

  • One app for all your transport needs

    Public transport, city bikes, taxis, e-steps and affordable rental cars.

  • Pay for all of your travel via Whim

    Say goodbye to bulky purses, travel cards, and a thousand or so different apps.

    • Hassle-free

      No need to carry travel cards with you or to be queueing for a ticket machine.

    • Sustainable solution

      Contribute to a more liveable city and cleaner world by traveling without a private car.

      What is Whim?

      Whim is an award-winning mobility app that makes moving around easy and sustainable. With Whim, you can find various transport modes and plan, book and pay for your trips directly in the same app. Say goodbye to multiple apps, cards and cash! More than 20 million trips have already been made with Whim – join us!