You get all of this

Unlimited De Lijn and Velo Antwerpen trips, as well as unprecedented flexibility and comfort offered by €10 taxi rides and affordable rental cars.

Unlimited De Lijn m-tickets

Whim Everday includes the first ever mobile De Lijn subscription. Travel by bus and tram in Flanders as much as you need with unlimited De Lijn m-tickets. Simply activate your ticket before your journey starts with just a few taps.

Unlimited De Lijn m-tickets
Valid for all De Lijn busses and trams

Unlimited 30-minute Velo rides

The Whim Everyday plan includes the first mobile Velo subscription ever and automatically entitles you to rent a Velo bike in Antwerp for 30 minutes at a time. Use the map in Whim to locate bike stations and check bike availability. Simply activate your day pass and release the bike using your user ID and code.

Unlimited 30-minute bike rides
Velo Antwerpen
30-60 min Velo rides
60-90 min Velo rides
Velo rides longer than 90 min
Max 5 h
per started hour

€10 taxi rides

You can travel by taxi and no matter what the meter shows, you pay a maximum of €10 as long as your journey doesn’t exceed 5 km (as the crow flies).

From what we’ve calculated, most people in and around the capital live less than 5 km from a convenient public transport route, so this is a smooth way to connect over longer commutes and leave your car behind. Naturally, we want to make sure you get to your meetings on time or have a safe journey home after an evening out at a restaurant.

For journeys of over 5 km you’ll pay the normal taxi fare. But it won’t be a surprise – Whim gives you a cost estimate beforehand when ordering the taxi.

5 km taxi rides
Max €10
Longer taxi rides
Regular meter price

Hop in a car for €49/day

If you only occasionally need a car of your own – the odd visit to a relative out of town or a shopping centre – Whim Everyday offers the simplest way of renting one. Using the app, you can hire a car (a Ford Fiesta or equivalent, subject to availability) with no need to trawl endlessly through car rental sites. With Everyday a day’s rental costs you just €49.

Compact car