ALD shared cars are now included in the Whim mobility app. Fuel is included in the price and the cars can be refuelled with a card found in the cars. Whim’s first ALD shared cars are stationed at EuroPark’s CityForum parking hall in downtown Helsinki and can be picked up around the clock. 

The ALD shared cars are initially available only for Whim Unlimited subscribers, but the service will expand to other Whim users on a later date. The highly anticipated shared cars are available 24h in a day and the first ALD fleet is situated in the EuroPark’s CityForum parking hall in downtown Helsinki.

”To have a shared car doesn’t depend on the opening hours of car rentals any more. Our cooperation with ALD Automotive makes it possible to get a car at any time, for example early in the morning when a customer needs to make it to a meeting on time,” says MaaS Global Area Manager Jarkko Jaakkola.

The cars marked with ALD and Whim logos are easy to find simply by following the signs pointing to the designated parking slots. The fuel is included in the price and refuelling can be done at Neste stations using the payment card found in the cars. The time spent refuelling is reimbursed as 30 minutes of car use.

At the beginning of the car share service, the customer can choose a car from five different models: VW Golf Variant, Nissan Note, Skoda Fabia Combi, Toyota Auris Touring Sport, and Lexus CT 200h. The price is 22 euros for the first two hours and 5 euros per 30 minutes afterwards. The maximum price is 89 euros per day.

Veera Aalto, Communications Coordinator, MaaS Global
+358 407427379