Our Business model

MaaS Global is the world’s first true MaaS operator. We predict our customers’ needs based on accumulated and live data, and provide them with the most efficient and the most ecological way to get where they are going. If we can present them an experience that is better than a car and buy the components for less than the cost of owning a car we, our customers and the environment profit.

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Today, spend on mobility services is only about a quarter of the total amount spent on mobility.

Shift towards subscription models opens the whole consumer mobility spend to MaaS aggregators and transport service providers by removing the need to own a personal vehicle. (See the image on right)

Sustainable freedom

Sadly, transport is the only sector where CO2 emissions are still increasing. Out of the sector’s emissions, over 70% come from road transport. In this, a lion’s share is caused by passenger cars. What would it take for you to give up your own car? This is the question we develop answers to everyday at MaaS Global.

MaaS has the potential to be the single most powerful tool to decarbonise transport for future generations by offering something more attractive and more sustainable than owning your own car. With Whim we are committed to offering our customers sustainable freedom of mobility. Our goal is to replace 1 million cars with Whim subscription by 2030. 

Our business model fully supports our sustainability goals. Our subscription model means that by nudging our customers towards the greener modes such as public transport and the active modes, it is good for business and good for the planet.

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How do we operate?

Our business model is based on an open ecosystem. This provides not only great user experience but also societal good. We firmly believe that the future of MaaS is built on trust and cooperation.

  • We operate no services ourselves and want to work with everyone.
  • People deserve choice, and we welcome competition with open arms.
  • Public and shared transport should always be the backbone of MaaS.
  • We share data in the name of the virtuous cycle, not to monetize our users’ data; by helping our partners to improve their services, we can help more people to ditch their cars.

Become a Partner

Our open ecosystem

Our business model is based on an open ecosystem, fuelled by open APIs. We are building the ecosystem together with transport service providers, businesses, cities and investors. Together with our partners we can deliver great user experience and societal good. We are already working with dozens of both local and global transport service providers such as public transport operators, taxi, car rental and micromobility providers.

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“With the integration into the Whim App, we are taking the next big step towards linking our e-scooters with public transport and multimodality. Together with Whim it is our goal to pave the way for seamless and sustainable mobility that is accessible to all.”

 – Lawrence Leuschner, CEO and co-founder of TIER Mobility.

“We are naturally and enthusiastically involved in developing new transport service models and now bootable Whim –mobility application is the global pioneer. Our versatile taxi equipment is ideally suitable to be part of the new service model that uses all transport modes efficiently.”

 – Juha Pentikäinen, CEO of Lähitaksi Ltd.

Our investors help us build and expand the ecosystem

Our biggest shareholders.

“The MaaS Global team is at the forefront of a tech-enabled mobility evolution – from having to own a vehicle to being able to easily connect and use all available forms of transport. Our collaboration is a great example of BP’s vision for the future of transportation, mobility and integrated cities.”

 – Roy Williamson, vice president of Advanced Mobility at BP

“We are excited to be on this journey with MaaS Global to change the world of transport towards a digital and sustainable future. The MaaS market is expected to grow rapidly as both consumers and cities are searching for smart solutions to ease everyday life and reduce pollution.”

 – Kyoya Kondo, General Manager for investment, business creation and digital strategy in the Automotive and Mobility Group, Mitsubishi Corporation.