Where do we operate?

Our Whim app is currently available in Helsinki and Turku (Finland), Antwerpen (Belgium), Vienna (Austria) and Birmingham (UK). We are also preparing pilots in Asian markets.
Our business model is based on an open ecosystem, which provides more value to the end user as it becomes more expansive. Therefore we are planning to expand further.

Our story so far

Global media coverage

Here are some highlights of our global media coverage. Please click the icons to read more about MaaS Global.

“MaaS is often described as the “Netflix of urban transport,” bundling transit and taxi fares, bike share trips and other mobility services into a monthly subscription with tickets, real time data and optimized journey planning accessed via a smartphone app. According to an estimate by ABI Research, MaaS is going to be a trillion-dollar market by 2030.”

 – Forbes

First, as the use of private cars declines many more people will use the firm’s app (and its competitors’), so taking part will mean getting access to an ever-growing pool of customers. Second, any firm that does not join will be left behind.

 – The Economist

Mitsubishi Corp. joined Toyota Financial Services as an investor in a Finnish firm that seeks to offer a viable alternative to car ownership. The Tokyo-based company has bought shares in MaaS Global Oy, the Helsinki-based company behind the Whim mobile application.

 – Bloomberg