MaaS Global

MaaS Global is the world’s first true MaaS operator, and with our award-winning Whim app, we’re set to make the biggest change in transport history since cars became widely affordable. Whim, the first all-inclusive MaaS solution commercially available on the market gives its users all urban transport services in one step, letting them journey where and when they want with public transport, taxis, bikes, cars, and other options, all under a single subscription. Read more about Whim.

MaaS as a concept

MaaS is short for Mobility-as-a-Service. It means you can have access to all means of travel in one easy-to-use mobile app, any time, anywhere. It provides you with a true alternative to car ownership.

MaaS offering delivers the best of each form of transport by utilizing technology to provide consumers with better services in a world that is always changing. It is a revolution that will in the coming years sweep through the transportation market. New mobility services and global development are expected to drive an increase in global passenger transport spending to €8tn in 2030. Overall, the market is driven by population growth, increasing urbanization, and middle-class prosperity in emerging markets.

Our purpose

Sustainability and freedom of mobility

Logically, owning a car makes little sense – why spend over 7000 euros a year for something you rarely use? The answer lies in the freedom a car gives, the freedom to go anywhere at any time on a whim.

In order to reduce private cars, the alternatives have to create the same feeling of being free to go when you like it. We want to offer our consumers a happy life without having to own a car and to use MaaS to give everyone a chance to live a sustainable life with freedom of mobility.

So far, no single mode of transport has been able to compete. However, by combining them in an easy and seamless way we get a strong fighting chance.

It’s an ecosystem, not an egosystem

We want to build a global mobility ecosystem together with our partners. This is not a winner-takes-it-all-market. We want to ignite all actors that operate, innovate, program, design, manufacture, and service different modes of mobility to open their APIs and contribute to the change. The room for innovation and improvement of lives is huge, as is the market potential.

Our values are openness, innovativeness, and sustainability. They drive everything we do. Open ecosystems, open APIs, and free flow of information are requisites for the speed and scale we seek. Constructive, cutting-edge innovation is how we choose to navigate in a disruptive environment. MaaS could be the single most powerful tool to decarbonize transport for future generations, and our Whim application is the most sustainable true alternative to car ownership.

Where we operate

Our Whim app is currently available in Helsinki and Turku (Finland), Antwerpen (Belgium), Vienna (Austria), and West Midlands (UK), multiple cities in Switzerland, and Greater Tokyo (Japan).