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The Whim mobile app frees you to travel wherever and whenever, with public transport, taxis, brand-new cars and more. Buy a monthly package to cover all your daily journeys, or pay as you go for multi-transport tickets.

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See how
Whim works

Why Whim?


Pay monthly to
move daily

A Whim subscription means paying just once a month for all your daily moves, on loads of different transport options. Now how much easier is that?

Better than your
own car

With Whim, you can cruise in a brand new car without the cost and hassle of owning one. On a whim, for the weekend or to whisk home the weekly shop.


The best way to

Whim combines different modes of transport to get you the best way to everywhere. Door to door, whether by car, bus, bike or all three.


Plan A

Whim syncs with your calendar and takes travel planning off your hands. Say yes to its suggestions and just hop on when needed.

Or move on
a whim!

Life is spontaneous, so is Whim! Press one button to head off into the sunset, at no more than a moment’s notice.

Keen to
be green?

Whim always encourages the use of public transport. In the future, it will even reward you for travelling greener. Say goodbye to traffic jams and hello to a happy planet.

Whim is the
way to go

Subscribe to Whim to enjoy more time with friends and family, more money to spend on the things that matter, and cleaner, greener cities.

Coming soon: Limitless travel Monthly payment. No bounds. Example packages:

Our UK partners:


The Whim app is a product of MaaS Global,
a young and fast growing company based in Helsinki, Finland.

As the world’s first MaaS (Mobility as a Service) operator,
MaaS Global will revolutionise the way we move.


Whim is a mobile app that allows you to travel wherever and whenever you want at the press of a button. You can choose your mode of transport from buses, trains, taxis, brand new cars, bike shares and many more. Whim syncs with your calendar and removes the hassle of travel planning. You can also move spontaneously when you want, to literally get there on a whim.

Based on the MaaS concept (Mobility as a Service), Whim gives its users access to a huge range of transport options. You can buy a monthly subscription or a single ticket for a multi-transport journey. Whim looks after everything from travel planning and routes to tickets and payments. This is the core of the MaaS concept: all your daily mobility needs are covered by a single service.

We currently support Apple iOS 9.0 and later (iPhone 5 and later). Android support will be available in the near future.

The service will be launching in the West Midlands area first. You will have access to local public transport, rental cars, city bikes, taxis, long distance trains and more. All the transportation options are provided by our partners, listed on these pages. We are constantly adding new services and features, improving the service together with the partners and your help. We aim to provide long-distance busses, trains, car-sharing and other modes in the near future.
With Whim you can choose a monthly travel subscription (Monthly package: Whim Basic, Whim Go and Whim Business) or try the service with a single tickets (Pay per ride). With monthly subscription you will always get the best value for your money and Whim pricing is always based on to the local prices where Whim is operating.

The pricing for the UK has not been released yet – we recommend to subscribe to Whim newsletter by doing a pre-order to stay up-to-date with Whim.

Currently, you will need a credit or debit card, but you will be able to purchase pre-paid vouchers or add funds via bank transfer or services like PayPal in the future.

Whim mobility packages are a world first. They allow you to travel on different modes of transport on a monthly subscription using a single mobile app. Whim offers three tiers of monthly mobility packages: Whim Basic, Whim Go and Whim Business.

Whim points are travel currency which you can use to pay different transport services within Whim. 1 point equals 1 euro, so it is easy to stay up-to-date with your travels! Points can never run out because it is always possible to top-up and buy more points.

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Contact: MaaS Global Ltd, Ludviginkatu 6, 00130 Helsinki
Visit our HelpCenter – General inquiries: info@maas.global