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Whim frees you to travel wherever and whenever. More than 2 500 taxis, brand-new rental cars from Sixt and HSL public transport are all available from the same mobile app. You can find all the routes, fees, tickets, timetables, booking and travel options in one place so that you can focus on the essentials. Choose a monthly package to cover all your daily journeys, or just pay-as-you-go.

Why Whim?



Whim makes moving easy! Get over 2500 taxis, rental cars from Sixt in more than 50 locations throughout Finland, HSL public transport from buses to ferries, and soon also city bikes via one mobile application. Pay either a trip at a time or become a monthly subscriber. As a monthly customer, you will get all the travel options for your phone comprehensively and easily with a single payment.

All trips with
one payment


No longer insurance premiums, maintenance visits or car wash expenses. With Whim you will always have a brand-new car whenever you need it and you can just focus on driving. In addition to renting a car, you can use taxis, HSL public transport, and shortly also city bikes. For monthly subscribers we will also offer affordable rental rates starting from €39 per day.

With any mode,
at anytime


With Whim you can move anywhere, at anytime. One application allows you to get to the summer cottage by car, to Hietsu beach by tram and to a summer parties by taxi. As a monthly customer you don’t have to worry about the payments, those have already been taken care of for you. Choose the most suitable means of transport and start to Whim.

Internationally awarded


Limitless travel Monthly payment. No bounds.

Customize your package with these extras

  • Unlimited Region
  • Region +55€/month
  • Region 3-zone +100€/month

  • Whim Car Subscription
  • Add car days as you like
  • Available now!

Our transport providers



The Whim app is a product of MaaS Global,
a young and fast growing company based in Helsinki, Finland.

As the world’s first MaaS (Mobility as a Service) operator,
MaaS Global will revolutionise the way we move.


Which devices and device models are compatible with the Whim app?
We currently support Apple iOS 10.2 and later (iPhone 5 and later) and Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and later.

On which modes of transport can I use Whim?
The service is currently available in the Helsinki region with access to:
• HSL public transport (HSL buses, commuter trains, trams, metro and the Suomenlinna ferry)
• Lähitaksi and Taksi Helsinki taxis
• Sixt rental cars
In the near future we will be adding new services, like city bikes, long-distance travel and car sharing services.

What is the Whim button?
The Whim button in the app allows you to use a variety of transport modes on a whim. Tap the Whim button, select taxi, rental car or HSL ticket, and confirm your choice.

How much does it cost to use Whim?
The Whim app can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.

At the moment, Whim offers two different monthly packages: Whim Urban €55 per month and Whim Go €149 per month. If you prefer not to commit to a monthly fee, you can always use Whim with a single tickets (Pay per ride).

Is my monthly package subscription refreshed until further notice?

The monthly Whim subscription is valid until further notice and we will automatically renew it (including your mobility points) each month if you do not make changes to it. However, if you wish, you can choose to change, upgrade or even cancel your subscription before the start of your next billing month.

You will find more detailed information about your subscription in My Plan on the profile page of your Whim app.

What methods of payments are accepted?
Currently, you will need a credit or debit card, but you will be able to purchase pre-paid vouchers or add funds via bank transfer or services like PayPal in the future.

What are the monthly Whim packages?
Whim mobility packages are a world first. They allow you to travel on different modes of transport on a monthly subscription using a single mobile app. Whim offers three tiers of monthly mobility packages: Whim Urban, Whim Go and Whim Business.

Whim Urban campaign package is valid until 31 December 2017. It is replacing Whim Basic monthly package whose sales are suspended for the duration of the campaign.

What are Whim points?
Whim points are travel currency which you can use to pay different transport services within Whim. 1 point equals 1 euro, so it is easy to stay up-to-date with your travels! Points can never run out because it is always possible to top-up and buy more points.

What does my monthly Whim package include?
The Whim Urban (€55 per month) includes unlimited travel on public transport within Helsinki (worth of 55€) and 15 Whim points to use as you like for taxi rides, rental cars and HSL regional tickets. So your total travel value is €70! With this package, Whim points get you, for example:
• 1 taxi ride (daytime journeys of median length) and unlimited travel on public transport within Helsinki.

If you run out of points, you can buy more according to your needs at any time.

The Whim Go (€149 per month) includes unlimited travel on public transport within Helsinki (worth of 55€) and 124 Whim points to use as you like for taxi rides, rental cars and HSL regional tickets. So your total travel value is €179! With this package, Whim points get you, for example:
• 6 taxi rides (daytime journeys of median length) and unlimited travel on public transport within Helsinki OR
• 4 days of car rental and unlimited travel on public transport within Helsinki OR
• 3 taxi rides + 2 days of car rental and unlimited travel on public transport within Helsinki.

If you run out of points, you can buy more according to your needs at any time.

The Whim Business is only available for business customers. It is ideal if you are always on the move. The Business package includes unlimited public transport and taxis and opportunity to custom your car days based on your own monthly needs. If you got interested, don’t hesitate to get more information: info@whimapp.com

What happens to my points after each billing month?
At the start of every new billing month your points are automatically returned to the level of your monthly package – i.e. your monthly points cap.

Can I change the level of my monthly package?
You can always change the level of your monthly package for the next billing month. Just go to your profile in the app and choose My Plan and Change.

Why is Whim based on points?
Whim is based on points because we all have different mobility needs. These may vary, for example, due to the weather, your weekend plans, or unexpected events. Points allow you to be flexible and choose exactly the forms of transport you need. A taxi might be the most comfortable option on a rainy autumn, while a rental car is convenient for a summer holiday getaway or trip to the cottage.

How do I use Whim for public transport?
You can activate HSL travel tickets in Whim either via the Whim journey planner or the Whim button. Choose the route that suits you by tapping Confirm. Alternatively, tap the Whim button and then HSL, then confirm the ticket type you want – for example, HSL Region. The ticket looks exactly the same as a HSL mobile ticket, and you’ll find all your valid tickets in Whim’s ticket screen. You can open your ticket by tapping Tap to open in the ticket view.

Your monthly Whim package includes public transport tickets within Helsinki. When your package is active, your journeys will not use up any points.

What do I need to show the HSL ticket inspector?
When you have activated your HSL ticket, you will find the ticket inspector view by tapping Additional ticket info and Inspection on your ticket. This allows the inspector to read the QR code, which confirms that your ticket is valid.

Can I use Whim for HSL’s regional public transport?
You can use Whim for HSL’s regional public transport either via the Whim journey planner or the Whim button. The app will automatically suggest the correct ticket based on your location. You can choose one of the following tickets:

• Journeys within one municipality in Helsinki, Espoo and Kauniainen, Vantaa, and Kirkkonummi are one-zone journeys. Kerava and Sipoo form one zone.
A regional ticket entitles you to travel in Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen and Vantaa.
A 2-zone extended regional ticket (Region 2-zone) entitles you to travel in Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa, Kerava, Sipoo and Kirkkonummi. The ticket is not valid in Helsinki and it does not allow travel via Helsinki.
A 3-zone extended regional ticket (Region 3-zone) entitles you to travel in Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa, Kerava, Sipoo and Kirkkonummi.

The unlimited HSL regional update (+55€/month) or unlimited HSL region 3-zone update (+100€/month) can be added to your plan after you confirm your preferred monthly package.

How many points do I need for a taxi ride?
The points you need for a taxi ride depend on the length of your journey. Whim always shows you how many points you’ll need for your journey, after which you confirm the order if you’re happy with it. This means you’ll never run out of points mid-journey.

The examples on the Whim website refer to taxi rides during the day. Is it possible to take a taxi in the evenings and weekends?
Whim prices are based on normal taxi fares in Finland (starting fare weekdays from 6AM to 8PM €5,90, Saturdays and bank holiday eves from 6AM to 6PM €5,90, other times €9), meaning that starting fares affect the amount of points you’ll use. You can take a taxi at any time, but for example during the night you’ll use a little more points.

Can I use Whim for any taxi in the capital region?
For the time being you can order taxis from Lähitaksi and Taksi Helsinki through Whim.

Can I pay with Whim if I grab a cab at a taxi rank?
Unfortunately, this isn’t possible just yet. We’re trying to find a solution to this to make traveling with Whim even more convenient for you in the future.

How does Whim work in the taxi?
When you order a taxi through Whim, the app will show you the estimated arrival time of your taxi, and you can even follow its approach on a map. Once the taxi arrives, all you need to do is jump in, say hi to the driver and enjoy the ride. The driver already knows where you’re going and your journey is paid for. In case the driver isn’t familiar with Whim yet, it might be necessary to mention that billing information can be found on the payment system.

I ordered a taxi through Whim. Can other passengers travel with me?
You can share your Whim taxi journeys with other people at no extra cost. If you need a minivan, that is fine as well, just choose your preferred taxi type from the order list!

I ordered a taxi by accident. Can I still cancel it?
If you ordered a taxi by accident you can cancel it by tapping the Cancel button until you’ve received a confirmation of your ride. If you’re not sure whether your cancellation was successful, please contact us via Whim customer support channel or via email at info@whimapp.com

I ordered a taxi but something went wrong. Did I lose the Whim points I spent on the order?
We get notified of all failed orders and return the points to you automatically. If you need help, however, please contact us via Whim customer support channel or via email at info@whimapp.com

What kind of rental cars can I get with Whim?
For now, Whim offers the rental car range of Sixt Rent a Car (5 car groups from sedans to station wagons). The app shows you the available cars and offices and you can pick the one that suits you best.

Extras and add-ons (such as an additional driver, child seats or return empty of fuel are currently only available through Sixt. Please note that the additional driver, too, must show a valid driving licence at the Sixt office. For more information, ask details while picking your car at the Sixt office, see the Sixt website or email rent@sixt.fi

Where do I pick up my car and what do I need to bring?
Rental cars are picked up at Sixt offices. When picking up your car you must show a valid driving licence and a credit card for the 250 euro excess, which the car rental company will require to cover possible damages. The money will be returned to you at the end of your rental if everything is in order. The cost of your rental includes unlimited kilometres and the compulsory third party insurance.

Please note that Sixt Rent a Car accepts most major international credit cards, such as American Express, Diners Club, Eurocard/Mastercard and Visa, as well as AirPlus accounts. It does not accept prepaid vouchers, debit cards (Visa Electron, Maestro) or cash. For more information, please see Sixt Terms and conditions in Finland.

How do I return my car?
If you rent a car in the capital region, you can also return your car to any Sixt office in the capital region. When renting elsewhere, for example in Mikkeli, you must also return the car to the Mikkeli office. If you want to change your return location, you can do so at an additional cost paid at the Sixt office when picking up your car.

Please remember to fill up the tank before returning the car, unless you have agreed with Sixt upon pick-up to return it empty of fuel. For more information, please see Sixt Terms and Conditions in Finland.

What is the maximum rental period?
Whim has no maximum rental period, but you’ll need more points for a longer rental. You will see the points required for your rental before confirming it. The daily rental fee works out cheaper for a longer rental period (for example 5 days or a weekend) with Whim, too.

How can I compare the rental prices of different cars?
You can compare the rental prices by scrolling through the available cars within the Whim app. Click on the car of your choice for more information and a map view of its location. Remember to specify the rental period you require to see current car availability.

I accidentally booked a rental car. Can I still cancel it?
It’s easy to cancel a rental car booking within the app. You can see all your upcoming trips in your ticket view. You can cancel the rental car booking by tapping on the bin icon on the right.

I tried to rent a car but there are none available or they require too many points. What can I do?
The reason behind limited or no availability could be that most of your nearest Sixt offices are closed at the time you’ve selected. Select a pickup time during office hours to see a bigger selection of cars and offices. If you must pick up your car outside office hours, you’re most likely to find availability at the airport office, which is open almost around the clock. If the cars require too many points, try for example a Friday pickup and a Monday return or a longer rental period, such as 5 days. If you wish, you can return the car before the agreed return date.

What is Whim Car?
Whim Car is a brand new car concept, which offers rental cars at a super affordable fixed day rate (24 hours). It’s by far the cheapest alternative for one-day rentals, but you also have the option to rent your Whim Car for a longer period. With 4 price categories to choose from, there is sure to be a car that suits your needs. Whim Car is available for Whim Urban, Whim Go and Whim Business subscriptions in the Helsinki region.

How does Whim Car differ from a traditional car rental?
Whim Car differs from traditional car rental with its always guaranteed fixed price. This new car concept is only available with your Whim subscription.

How much does Whim Car cost?
There are 4 different price categories:
• Compact car for 54 points / day – small car for everyday life, perfect for 2 people (max 4).
• Everyday estate car for 59 points / day – bigger option for everyday life, perfect for 2-5 people.
• Weekend car for 69 points / day – lifestyle option with room for 2-5 people.
• Premium estate car for 84 points / day – lifestyle option for 2-5 people with luggage. Automatic transmission.

How do I reserve my Whim Car?
To book your Whim Car, go to Garage within the app and choose the price category that matches your current needs. Select a date and time, and choose your pickup location. When you are happy with your selections, confirm your booking and you are ready to go. Whim Car can be reserved from 7am on the following day if booked before 3pm. If you book your Whim Car after 3pm, the first possible pick-up time is 9am.

Where do I pick up my reserved Whim Car and what do I need to bring?
You can pick up your reserved Whim Car from your selected Sixt car rental office and return it to any Sixt car rental office in the Helsinki region. When picking up your car, you must show a valid driving licence and credit card for the 250 euro excess, which the car rental company will require to cover possible damages. The money will be returned to you at the end of your rental if everything is in order. The cost of your Whim Car rental includes unlimited kilometres in Finland and the compulsory third party insurance.

It is only possible to take a vehicle overseas or cross border with a separate agreement. Please contact the Sixt Customer Service team for more information: reservation@sixt.fi

What is Whim Car Subscription?
Whim Car Subscription enables longer term access to a vehicle on a recurring basis – conveniently and at an attractive rate. Access can be chosen from 5 days, 7 days or 14 days. And, you do not need to use the vehicle on consecutive days.

Who can subscribe to Whim Car Subscription?
Only Whim Urban and Whim Go account holders are eligible for subscribing for a Whim Car Subscription.

What are the Whim Car Subscription plans and how are they priced?
We offer the following plans:
5-day: You may select from 5 classes of vehicle with rates ranging from €44 to €79 per day.

7-day: You may select from 5 classes of vehicle with rates ranging from €39 to €74 per day.

14-day: You may select from 5 classes of vehicle with rates ranging from €34 to €69 per day.

Your Whim Car Subscription takes effect when your current Whim subscription renews. The car is, therefore, not immediately available. For the interim, before the subscription takes effect, you may, of course, use Whim Car or standard rental service.

Note that any unused days from a given Whim Car Subscription do not roll-over to subsequent subscription periods.

How do I pay for a Whim Car Subscription?
The Whim Car Subscription is in practice an add-on which will be billed in addition to your regular monthly Whim subscription invoice. It is a recurring charge unless and until you change or cancel it.

Where do I get my Whim Car Subscription car from?
Once your Whim Car Subscription has been activated, you may book the car using Whim app and then pick it up from a Sixt rental location anywhere in Finland.

How long is the subscription commitment? / I’m going on vacation and I don’t need a car. Can I stop my subscription?
The Whim Car Subscription starts from the start of the next recurring billing cycle. You may cancel the subscription any time. Just bear in mind that the cancellation will kick in from the next recurring billing cycle.

What if I need a car for more days than I had initially subscribed?
It is possible to rent the car for extra days at normal Whim car prices, even if your subscription days run out for a particular month.

How do I send feedback and suggestions or report a problem?
Your feedback is important to us, because we’re creating and developing Whim for you! You can send feedback in the app by pressing Customer Support channel on your profile page and choosing Contact Us and New. You can send us your feedback in Finnish or English. Please mention in your message with which device you’re using the app (for example iPhone 6s). If you want you can attach a screenshot, too. Alternatively, you can contact us via email at info@whimapp.com

Can I suggest new service providers to be added to Whim?
We’re more than happy to receive your suggestions about services you’d like to see included in Whim. We are currently in negotiations with several new service providers, so you’ll soon be able to pick your favourite mode of transport from even more options. Please send us your ideas via email at info@whimapp.com

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